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 Brief history of the international structural genomics projects

Proposal of structural genomics project in Japan
1997 Apr.
Start of structural genomics pilot project at RIKEN Institute
Initiating study of structural genomics at DOE and NIGMS/NIH in USA
Start of the New Jersey Initiative in Structural Genomics and Bioinformatics
1997 Jan.
The workshop on Structural Genomics at Argonne in USA
Start of the initial pilot projects in Germany, Canada, and USA
1998 Oct.
Structure-Based Functional Genomics meeting at Avalon in USA
1999 June
Call for grant applications for NIGMS/NIH pilot projects
2000 Jan.
OECD Committee for Scientific and Technological Policy
(CSTP) Proposal of initiating study of structural genomics
2000 Apr.
First International Structural Genomics Meeting (Hinxton, UK)
2000 Jun.
OECD/Global Science Forum (GSF)
Structural Genomics Workshop (Florence, Italy)
2000 Sep.
Structural Genomics: From Gene to Structure to Function (Cambridge, UK)
2000 Sep.
Start of the NIGMS Protein Structure Initiatives in USA with seven Centers
2000 Nov.
International Conference on Structural Genomics 2000 (ICSG 2000) (Yokohama, Japan)
International Structural Genomics Task Forces Meeting (Yokohama, Japan)
OECD/GSF Contact Group Meeting (Yokohama, Japan)
2001 Jan.
OECD/CSTP/GSF (Paris, France) - Further study on Structural Genomics
2001 Apr.
Second International Structural Genomics Meeting (Airlie House, USA) - Start of ISGO
Start of International Structural Genomics Organization (ISGO)
2001 Sep.
Start of the new two centers for NIGMS Protein Structure Initiatives in USA
2002 Mar.
Start of the European drive for post-genome research, Structural Proteomics in Europe (SPINE)
2002 Apr.
Start of the National Project on Protein Structural and Functional Analyses in Japan
2002 Oct.
ISGO International Conference on Structural Genomics (ICSG 2002) (Berlin, Germany)
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