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Benefits of Becoming an ISGO Member
Types of Membership
Basic Flow of Membership Application

Thank you for your interest in joining ISGO. ISGO membership is categorized into two major groups: Regular and Student. Submission of the application to ISGO membership must be completed through our online application form (Membership Application).

Regular Member
Full membership is provided to everyone. USD 40

Student Member
Student membership is given to an undergraduate or graduate student. Student Members are entitled to 50% discount of the membership fee. USD 20

Term of ISGO Membership
ISGO membership is an annual membership. The membership begins from January 1st and completes on December 31st. You can join any time during the year; your initial membership will last until the end of that year. You can renew at any time during the year, extending your membership until the end of the following year. Please understand that if you do not make the renewal payment by Dec. 31 of the current year, your membership will be suspended Jan. 1 of the coming year until your payment is received.

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